Omnivore - The Tattler resurfaces

We dined at the Standard last night and I ran into, of all people, Tom Houck (right), the former columnist, talk radio host and chauffeur for Martin Luther King Jr. Tom and I go back 30 years, as he kept reminding me, just so I don't forget my age. At the time, I was editor of the Atlanta Gazette, and he was writing the city's first real gossip column, The Tattler, for us.

I ate my favorite arugula salad with steak added last night, and Wayne had a burger. Tom left for dinner with a friend at Nan. He said he'd been enjoying Kevin Rathbun's new steakhouse.

Hmmm, I think I'll make this a food Tattler ...

This is from the Food Studio's PR peeps:

We are transforming into a more casual, approachable dining spot. The restaurant is reaching out to a broader audience with more relaxed menus, a modified wine and cocktail program and newly refined design touches.

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