Omnivore - Man eats bird seed and declares it delicious

Metrofresh (931 Monroe Drive, 404-724-0151), the healthy cafe in Midtown Promenade, is now serving breakfast, 7-9:30 a.m. weekdays. I stopped by this morning to try it out. Owner Mitchell Anderson (above) talked me into trying Red River cereal. I cringed when he told me it is made primarily of flaxseed with some wheat and rye. "Bird seed," I thought.

Actually, the stuff's nutty flavor turned out to be delicious. It has more taste than oatmeal and more body, too. Mitchell garnished my bowl with dried fruit, including lots of cherries, which I usually put on my morning oatmeal. Then he added some maple syrup. The cereal is a popular Canadian product, so it's no surprise you can buy it pre-flavored with maple. And it has health benefits.

Also on the morning menu are freshly toasted granola, yogurt (including the Greek version), hard-boiled eggs and warmed muffins. Don't go if you're looking for bacon, pancakes and scrambled eggs.

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