Omnivore - Errrr-body in the, um, restaurant get tipsy

A few weeks back in my column about bad customers, I failed to mention the drunkard, one of my most feared foes back when I was a waitress. I don't know what it was, but drunk customers made me want to die.

This week, Frank Bruni has written an article in the New York Times describing the many exploits of drunkards in New York's finest restaurants. In it, he muses that New Yorkers are more likely to let loose in nice restaurants because they are less likely to be driving home. Well, I've seen the guys in nice suits stumbling out of Bluepointe on Tuesday nights and I'm not sure I agree with Bruni's theory, although his NY examples include sex, drug use, vomiting and swimming in the pool in the center of Four Seasons' dining room.

C'mon, Atlanta, I know we've got stories this good. Any waiters out there want to venture your best tales of drunken customers?

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