Omnivore - Javaology closed

I heard a rumor that Javaology was closing today, so I swung by there to see what was going on. I tried calling first, but the phone has already been disconnected.

I found an employee outside the building who could not get his key to work. He said he only found out on Friday that they would be closing. The owner had informed him via email. I asked why they closed and he said that part of the business plan had been an airport location, and that had recently fallen through. He also said the tornado has negatively affected business in recent weeks.

One of the strange things about Javaology was how you could not charge less than $10 on a debit or credit card, so if you didn't have cash the only way to get coffee was to buy a $10 gift card. I have one with most of the $10 left on it, and was feeling all indignant about losing my money until I came across the newly unemployed guy outside the store.

This isn't the only business in Atlanta suffering because of the tornado. I've spoken to quite a few folks, mainly from restaurants downtown, who say that business has been hurt because of the storm.

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