Omnivore - Cabbagetown Market & Grill reopens

Featuring King of Pops and house-made ice cream

Cabbagetown Market and Grill (198 Carroll St., 404-524-4539)  has reopened, according to co-owner Lisa Hanson:

We’re happy to be back open — same grill and sandwich menu with daily specials (posted on Facebook).

Making our own ice cream in house:  chai;  brown sugar vanilla; peppermint stick; Pandan; Chocolicious; mango sorbet; strawberry-rhubarb sorbet; coffee.  Cones, cups and toppings.

We’re also carrying King of Pops:  grapefruit-mint; chocolate sea salt; blood orange; blackberry lemonade

Flavours of ice cream and pops will change weekly.

We also have:  White Oak Pastures beef; Mike Thompson bacon; Soy Shop tofu; Sparkman’s milk and butter; Carlton Farms eggs and raw milk; Atlanta Fresh Greek yogurt and Arden’s juices; Alon’s Bakery baguettes; Southern artisan cheeses; local honey; and grits.

And, as always: toilet paper and light bulbs.

Check out Anatomyofadinnerparty.com for some pictures and more information.