Omnivore - One good, one not so good

This is from Doug Rosenbloom:

Cliff: To borrow a phrase from one of your recent posts, I ventured from my "usual

intown dining zone" to Buckhead last night for a co-worker's birthday dinner at Nava. The hostess did not disappoint with Buckhead snobbery, and the kitchen thrice-destroyed my friend's lamb rack. The third time they brought it out well-done instead of medium-rare as requested, my friend just gave upand ate the overpriced gyro meat. Our hapless server (think Steinbeck's Lennie) was harmless, but entertainingly aloof.

My first visit to Shaun's however, exceeded all expectations (except dessert, which was above average). The friendly service, wine selection, and food was so fantastic we overlooked the slow kitchen. I'll be going back to Shaun's, which is comfortably in my "usual intown dining zone."

Oh my! I haven't thought about the over-sized, foot-dragging Lennie Small of Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men since high school. Lennie, mentally disabled, has a bad habit of killing soft, cuddly things, including women, by stroking them just a wee bit too enthusiastically. His heart's desire is to tend a flock of bunnies but he ends up taking a bullet instead.

Buckhead is full of such people, of course. Y'all carry your guns.

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