Omnivore - Antico Pizza Napoletana: Westside

Is this the best pizza in Atlanta? You be the judge.


It takes a lot for me to to jump off of my couch, throw on some clothes and speed over to a restaurant after settling in for the night. But that's just what I did after getting a call from my friend (partner in crime and pizza freak), Kit Fenton, tonight proclaiming he'd just had "the best pizza in Atlanta." I have no idea how Antico Pizza Napoletana (1093 Hemphill Ave., 404-724-2333. www.anticopizza.it) flew under my (and everyone else's) radar. But my first visit was a revelation. Owner Giovanni Di Palma (a native of New York and Naples) is the kind of man who instantly wins your adoration. His enthusiasm and pure passion for true Naples style pizza is so infectious, I was thrown into a manic state of pizza lust the moment I entered the brand new Westside Pizzeria. Yes, lust. And anyone who wants to know where Enrico Liberato (the former pizzaiolo at Fritti) has disappeared to need not look any further.


''#000000:Luca Varuni, Giovanni Di Palma and Enrico Liberato//blissfulglutton.blogspot.com/2009/09/first-impression-antico-pizza.html|CLICK HERE TO READ THE REST...]

(Photos by Jennifer Zyman)