Omnivore - Deals revealed: Two Urban Licks Sunday splurge

$21 for all you can eat and drink on Sundays before 7.


  • Eamon Siggins

Concentrics has a number of all-you-can-eat specials around town, and many of them include "complimentary" beverages. Two Urban Licks has its own, on Sunday evenings.

The deal: All you can eat for $21. Includes beer and wine. Sundays only, before 7 p.m. Reservations required.

Upsides: You will get fed, and full, for a set price. On the night we visited, the special was smoked salmon with veggies and a salad. The salmon was delicate and smoky, and the included beverages had white wine, red wine or Numbers Ale as choices. As always, the decor and vibe of Two is a spectacle on its own.

Downsides: There were a number of things about this deal that weren't exactly unpleasant, but just...awkward. For instance, Concentrics advertises this as a "family style" meal. I expected, with four in our party, for plates of fish and veggies to come to the table, for us to help ourselves, and if we wanted more of one thing we could ask. Instead, we were each brought an almost entree sized portion of fish and veggies, with a small bowl of salad. When we were done with our plates, the server asked us if we wanted more. As in, did any one of us want another entree? My brother, who was not quite full, asked if he could have a small portion. The server looked uneasy and said, "Uuuuummmmm....I don't know. I can find out."

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