Hollywood Product: Our Family Wedding (1)

Looking for laughs? Then look elsewhere

GENRE: Nuptial comedy

THE PITCH: African-American radio personality Brad Boyd (Oscar-winner Forest Whitaker) and Mexican-American car-towing magnate Miguel Ramirez (comedian Carlos Mencia) noisily bicker when Brad’s son Marcus (Lance Gross) and Miguel’s daughter Lucia (“Ugly Betty” star America Ferrera) announce plans for a quickie wedding. The nuptials soon become bigger than the young couple wants.

MONEY SHOTS: A montage of food, flowers and dresses provides the minimum requirement of wedding magazine porn. Miguel struggles to figure out Brad’s high-tech bathroom. Brad and his best friend (Regina King) wage an unlikely cake fight at a bakery. The characters envision amusing worst-case scenarios based on the wedding “seating schematic.” A priapic goat (really) goes wild at the wedding in a scene that tries so hard, it commands an amazed fascination.

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(Photo by Scott Garfield)