Hollywood Product: Clash of the Titans (1)

Redux replicates all of the cheese but none of the charm of the original

GENRE: Old school sword, sandal & SFX epic

THE PITCH: While humans challenge the Greek pantheon and conniving Hades (Ralph Fiennes) plots to overthrow Zeus (Liam Neeson), reluctant demigod Perseus (Avatar's Sam Worthington) must retrieve the head of Medusa to stop the gigantic Kraken before it eats Princess Andromeda and/or destroys the city. A remake of the 1981 Ray Harryhausen stop-motion monsterfest.

MONEY SHOTS: The giant neat-o scorpions that attack Perseus and his men. The way Medusa's decapitated body menacingly lurches around. The shots of the Cloverfield-esque Kraken dwarfing the Greek city of Argos.

I-WANT-MY-MONEY-BACK SHOTS: The corporate logo-like early shot of an eagle flying into the bland, shiny palace of Mount Olympus. Hades breathing fire into the mouth of misshapen Calibos (Jason Flemyng), like they're about to go to first base. Perseus rolling comically downhill while Calibos chases him. Medusa's weightless phoniness. Ridiculous lightning bolts from the heavens.

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(Photo Courtesy Warner Bros. Pictures)