Omnivore - Red Velvet Pancake Project nears completion

Matty Cakes owner resurfaces


  • Phil Mutz

Phil Mutz, everyone's favorite heating and air conditioning foodie, prepared this breakfast of red-velvet pancakes with the help of Matt Lewis of Matty Cakes. (Lewis closed the bakery in September to the regret of the city's sweet tooth.) Phil explains the outrageous pancakes:

Basically, we went to a restaurant in Denver recently and had red velvet pancakes and they blew my mind. So I texted Matty Cakes and told him he had to help me figure this out.

So, it was something I wanted to try. I googled for recipes and sent him a few that he kinda amalgamated and tweaked. Some of the recipes were just red pancakes, but I wanted these to actually taste like red velvet cake, but be savory too. We will do one more round of tweaking before it's a done recipe.

So... red velvet pancakes, cream cheese "icing", maple syrup, roasted pecans. Yum.

Matt Lewis was the ideal person to consult for the pancake project. His red velvet cake was featured in Parade Magazine.