Omnivore - Michelle Obama in the ATL

The First Lady visits the school garden at Burgess-Peterson Academy.

About an hour ago I was driving back into the city from Roswell, and as I hit the connector I saw a flurry of blue lights flashing on the northbound side of the highway. A multitude of cops, followed by a few black SUVs, followed by another line of police, followed by an eerily empty roadway had me perplexed for a second, but then I realized I had just passed Michelle Obama.

The First Lady is in town to celebrate the first anniversary of her Let's Move program. As part of that, she visited the Burgess-Peterson Academy this afternoon to speak with kids about nutrition and health and visit the garden built by the kids with the help of Georgia Organics. You can read more about the garden on Georgia Organics' Facebook page.

As I write, Ms. Obama is in Alpharetta for a 4 p.m. speech at North Point Community Church.

The AJC has a page with her movements today being updated as they happen.