Omnivore - Changes at H. Harper Station

Duane Nutter and Lush Life disband their business affiliation with Jerry Slater's Reynoldstown eatery.

Lush Life restaurants and H. Harper Station have amicably dissolved their partnership. Each partner will now focus on their respective businesses.

"We just needed to be more focused," H. Harper Station owner Jerry Slater says.

This means that Duane Nutter is no longer affiliated with H. Harper Station, leaving the chef duties to Ethan Ray, who was already executing the menu. There have already been some changes to the menu. The last time I stopped by, the dish that caught my eye was an arctic char with beluga lentil salad, baby white turnip, turnip greens, grapes, and buttermilk.

Also - Tiffany is serving an as-yet-to-be-named cocktail with cognac, Punt E Mes and grapefruit. Order it. It's kind of like a variation on another cocktail someone recently coined.