Omnivore - Taking the Spice Route at YDFM

The place to find spice



It's both a trek and an adventure to go to the international food emporium that is Your Dekalb Farmers Market. I try to avoid going there often due to the time it takes to get there, and the maddening experience I tend to have each time I go (what? what do you mean you're out of mint??). When I do go, I try to stock up on a few particular things they offer at great prices - duck fat is one (a secret ingredient for deliciousness in many a restaurant), and dry herbs and spices are another. I won't claim that YDFM has the best quality spices in the world. (Penzey's is probably a better source if you insist on the highest quality, and their first shop in Georgia is set to open tomorrow in Sandy Springs at 6235-A Roswell Road NE.)

What YDFM offers is a wide assortment, incredible prices, and the knowledge that their spices are relatively fresh since they have such high turnover. I decided to replace most of my spices as many of them were getting old, and picked up 30 different herbs and spices for an average of less than $1 each - wow. And every single one of those 30 spices were packed in the last 10 days. When I got home, I actually compared some of my new spices with my older ones, and noticed a substantial difference in both aroma and flavor among many of them. Some old dry basil smelled more like tea and was clearly a browner shade of green than the new stuff. Old cayenne was a dull orange next to the deep rust of the new cayenne, and definitely did not pack as much of a punch in the flavor department.