Omnivore - Cameron Diaz's culinary tour of Atlanta

Cameron Diaz eats Atlanta


  • Angela George/Wikimedia Commons

Where in the world is Cameron Diaz? I know you’ve all been losing sleep over this one, but you can put your worries to bed. The AJC reports that Diaz is filming in Atlanta today, as she has been on and off for the past few weeks. And thanks to a handful of Atlanta’s most dedicated Tweet-a-holics, we are able to track not only where she's at, but also what she's eating. Thus far, Diaz has been ogled at the following ATL eateries:

Spotted @ LeRoy's Chicken.

Seen @ Miller Union.

Scoped @ Starbucks.

Spied @ South City Kitchen.

Stared at @ Ecco.

It seems as though CD is on the hunt for down home, Southern cooking. Might we suggest a few of our favorite Southern and Southern-tinged restaurants? Cameron! Darling! We got you girl.

Fried chicken? Busy Bee Cafe Check out the CL review here.

Elegant modern Southern? Cakes & Ale. Check out the CL review here.

Barbecue? Community Q BBQ Check out the CL review here.

Creative modern Southern, kick ass wine list? Empire State South Check out the CL review here.

Any Diaz sightings out there? C'mon, folks, give us your celebrity obsessed swoonings in the comments. Oh, and Cameron, feel free to let us know how you like all these places we've suggested. Thanks, doll.