Omnivore - Dynamic Dishes at Decatur’s Cakes & Ale

More reason to truck it on over to Decatur for lunch


OK, the title is a bit too obvious, but for all of who have dearly missed David Sweeney’s cooking from the defunct Dynamic Dish, there is reason to book it on over to Decatur. As has been noted here and in breathless tweets and blog posts everywhere, lunch these days at The Bakery at Cakes & Ale is being manned by Sweeney, and the memories of Dynamic Dish will come pouring out as soon as you step foot in the bright modern space: the signature grain bowls, the deft touch with veggies packing flavor, the delicate knife skills on display, all Sweeney trademarks. The fact that there’s a nice little wine and beer list is a major bonus, as is the appearance of a non-veg dish or two on the menu, such as a wonderfully balanced smoked trout sandwich with subtly spicy horseradish cream and crunchy cucumber.

It’s great to see what will hopefully be a harmonious marriage between two talented chefs in Billy Allin and David Sweeney, another step in the evolution of one of the city’s best restaurants. I wish I could eat here every day, and envy those in walking distance (or driving distance for that matter, it took me over half an hour each way to get there from Buckhead last week). Now more than ever, Decatur is proving to be a destination for dining any time of day.

A few photos to rekindle the love for Sweeney’s cooking after the jump: