Omnivore - Atlanta restaurant trends for 2012: Fish houses, wine bars (please!?) and...

What's in store for the coming year?


We're here!! The end of this godforsaken year. Oh, it wasn't that bad, you say? Maybe you're right. But I for one am happy to bid farewell to 2011. See ya, 2011!

If 2010 was the year of the burger and 2011 was the year of the...economic suckfest, I guess, then what will 2012 bring? What bandwagon will Atlanta restaurateurs be jumping on with gusto?

Well, the fish house seems to be one thing we'll see more of next year. Both Fifth Group and Ford Fry plan to open seafood restaurants in the coming months, Fifth Group with Lure in the former Vickery's location in April, and Fry with the Optimist at 914 Howell Mill Road on the Westside this Spring. I'm looking forward to seeing what these spots can deliver - there's no lack of seafood spots in Atlanta, but none really stand out or shine.

I've also heard rumblings of some wine-centric establishments opening in 2012, as well as a continuance of our cocktail explosion, one of those trends it's hard not to love. OK, maybe the wine thing is wishful thinking. But I have heard of one such place! And it sounds like it's gonna be good (details to follow in the coming weeks)!

What else? Communal dinners (restaurants have been trying this for years, but it's never really gained popularity - maybe this year)? Hot chicken? Oh, wait, I've got it! Southern farm to table corn dogs!! On food trucks!!