Omnivore - Win tickets to Sweetwater’s Brew Your Cask Off - and try XL: CL’s 40th Anniversary Ale

I made a beer! Come help me drink it!!


“Hey Besha,” our Marketing Development Director Leigh Anne Rehkopf said, sidling up to my desk. “You wanna make a beer with Sweetwater?”

“Yes,” I said, “I do indeed.” So a few weeks ago, me and my team (a couple of homebrewing friends who helped me out) went out to Sweetwater, and with the help of Brewmaster Mark Medlin we put together our cask. My beer will be part of Sweetwater’s Brew Your Cask Off festival, in which 80 home-brewers, restaurants, retailers, charities and media folks made a unique cask to be sampled. During the event, festival-goers can taste the brews and vote on their favorite.

The beer I made for CL will live on though. I was tasked with making a beer to celebrate the paper’s 40th anniversary, which is coming up in May. So thanks to Sweetwater, my beer, XL: CL’s 40th Anniversary Ale, will be pouring throughout the year at our 40th anniversary party and beyond.

After briefly considering calling the beer Löafenbräu and asking Sweetwater to put it into 40-oz bottles, I went with XL, to commemorate our 40th, and made a British brown ale with some walnuts and a little oakiness. If I was a tad conservative it’s because this is my first beer, because it needs to be drinkable to a wide range of folks, and because it’s spring - I might want to drink 10 glasses of barleywine, but not everyone does.

So come on out on Saturday, try the beer, and vote for XL. A vote for XL is a vote for freedom.

I also have two tickets to give away to the event. Because this beer is set to commemorate our 40th anniversary, I’d like to start now with a question we’ll be asking folks over the next couple of months: What would you like to see from CL over the next 40 years? Best/funniest/most creative answer wins. Send to besha.rodell at creativeloafing.com before 6 p.m. tomorrow, and know we may use your answers for various kinds of evil/good. Put “Brew Your Cask Off” in the subject line. Cheers!