Omnivore - Sometimes I think I don’t understand the public relations profession at all

Two Urban Licks offers an interesting promotion.


  • “This guy. We need this guy at Two. But how to get him here? What do hipsters want?” “Beer.”

I just got an email from the PR folks over at Concentrics, announcing a new promo at Two Urban Licks. It’s called “Stash Bash” and involves giving free beer to people with mustaches. The deal is, you have a mustache, you go into Two, you say you’re there for the Stash Bash (this is the hardest part - I was just telling a co-worker about this promotion and saying the words “stash bash” made me want to rip my own tongue out), and they give you a free pint of beer. Then they take your photo and if you have a great mustache, the BEST mustache of the week, they give you a $25 gift card.


I do wish I was a fly on the wall in the meeting when they thought that up. “We really need to bring in the hipster crowd. Can we run a special for boys in skinny jeans? Bike enthusiasts? EUREKA! I’ve got it!! STASH BASH!!”

Then they all chanted “STASH BASH, STASH BASH, STASH BASH!!!”

Then they made the intern write a press release.

Just kidding, guys. Stash bash is a great idea! Just don’t make me say it ever again.