Omnivore - Coca Cola execs make bank last year

Coca Cola execs see increase in 2011 pay.


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  • Just wait until Gautlier gets his hands on this.

Surprise, surprise. The big guys at Coca Cola are weathering the recession, making significantly more in 2011 than in 2010. Which was already a lot.

===According to the Wall Street Journal, CEO Muhtar Kent had a 12.5% salary increase to $1.35 million.=== This was his first pay increase since he became CEO in 2008. Chief Financial Officer Gary Fayard got his salary bumped 3.1% to $8.5 million. Other top execs saw increases in their pay packages as well.

We all know that the alcohol industry thrives under recessions, as consumers drink their way into deeper debt. Looks like the nation's biggest caffeinators can hold their own in economic crises, too.

Oh, and it can't hurt that Coca Cola has been increasingly adventurous (both fiscally and creatively) in their advertising over the past few years. It seems like they embark on a new marketing crusade every week. Hell, just today, we found out that they appointed ===Jean Paul Gautlier as the new creative director for Diet Coke===.

In case you were wondering what Gautlier's role in the company will be, he is set to design "show-stopping bottles and cans." Whatever that means.