Omnivore - Brew Your Cask Off ticket winners

Beer for the winner!


On Tuesday, I asked folks to tell us what they’d like to see from CL over the next 40 years for a chance to win tickets to this weekend’s Brew Your Cask Off event at Sweetwater. I got a ton of great responses, some hilarious and some thoughtful. But my favorite was this, by Steve Luxenberg:

Since newsprint is so passe, and the interwebs are dying, I’d like to see Creative Loafing be presented in a town-crier format, where the news, local restaurant reviews and “Are you Shaved?” are read aloud in public squares by folks sentenced for misdemeanors in Fulton and DeKalb.

Congrats, Steve!

The runner up, who doesn’t win anything but my undying love, is Nicole Wójcik, who sent an entry that included this:

In five years, will CL have a homepage compatible with my internet-ready Acuvue Konnectd contact lenses?

Later in life, will CL ensure that I’ll be able to connect to Omnivore by simply gazing into my infant’s eyes during a feeding?

That is so awesome.