Omnivore - Get your Irish Drink on with these Guinness Recipes

Recipes for Guinness milkshake, marinade, and more


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There's something about a cold Guinness on a cool Fall or Spring afternoon that is just so perfect. It's the way the beer settles slowly, like a lover slowly stripping off their clothes, the beer's silky head gathering at your lips as you tilt the glass towards you to sip on it's distinct burnt flavor.

The Irish stout was first brewed in 1750 by Arthur Guinness at the St. James's Gate Brewery, Dublin. More than 200 years, Guinness stands as one of the most popular stouts in the world, particularly on St. Patrick's Day.

This Saturday, March 17, there are plenty of St. Patty’s Day events here in ATL where you can drink yourself green, but if crowded bars aren’t you thing or you and your friends plan to pre-game, here are some mouthwatering recipes that call for the malty bitterness of Guinness.

To St. Patrick!