Omnivore - Watch Blais not cook on Cooking Channel’s ‘Reinventing the Meal’

Blais looks for foodie inspiration in San Fran

I have a special ” Reinventing The Meal ” premiering on Cooking Channel April 1st at 8pm !Let me know if your tuning in ?!

— RichardBlais (@RichardBlais) March 10, 2012::

If you follow Richard Blais on Twitter, you may already know that the one and only Blaisinator will be featured on Cooking Channel’s ‘Reinventing the Meal’ next month.

As the Tweets read, the show will air at 8 p.m., Apr. 1, and according to Cooking Channel’s description, will follow Blais as he explores the foodie culture of San Francisco, “to discover unique purveyors, off-the-beaten-path ethnic kitchens & “wild card” foodie spots that inspire him to reinvent classic dishes” in a modern way.