Omnivore - Au revoir, pink slime updated

Pink slime gets phased out of schools and grocery chains.


  • By Rainer Zenz (Wiki Commons)

Pink slime, as we all know, is that chemical-infested, pasty amalgamation of spare cow parts that's mixed into beef as a filler. Although the USDA weirdly says it's legit, schools and grocery stores have announced in the past couple weeks that they plan to phase it out.

According to Gawker, New York City Public Schools promise to ditch the pink slime in their cafeterias. Starting next fall, kids will be chowing down on filler-free meat.

Safeway and Supervalu, the second and third biggest grocery chains in the country, announced yesterday that they would stop buying pink slime. This is great news ... for places with those grocery stores. Here in Krogertown, we won't have as much luck. Kroger stated that it carries beef both with and without the filler. But of course, that could all change quickly. After everyone's collective pink slime freak-out earlier this month, it seems like some corporate folks are getting shamed into purchasing real meat. And that's probably not a bad thing.

That is, unless you're Alton Brown and you're tossing around cookbook ideas.

Update: Minutes after this was posted, ===Kroger announced that they, too, would stop selling products with pink slime===. I called it!