Omnivore - Two rice dishes at Desta and Cardamom Hill

One Indian and one Ethiopian


I’ve had two lunches featuring rice in the last few days. Today, my friend Rose and I dropped by Desta, maybe the best Ethiopian restaurant in the city. The restaurant hosts “Chicken Monday” every week and offers a menu of $7.99 chicken dishes.

At the recommendation of our super-server Teddy, I ordered the chicken tibs (right photo) with rice and potatoes cooked with Desta’s spicy-hot awaze sauce. I chose gomen (collards) for my side dish. It’s a huge portion for the low price.

Rose skipped the lunch specials and ordered her favorite fish tibs in a lemon sauce.

As usual, the spongy injera bread used to pick up Ethiopian food filled me before I’d eaten barely half. I was happy to take the leftovers home.


Last Friday, three of us lunched at Cardamom Hill to try out chef Asha Gomez’s biryanis. As I reported last week, she’s making two every Friday instead of the usual lunchtime thalis. We all ordered the chicken one (left photo) but got a taste of another that was on the menu that night, made with beef and yucca. Our starter was three croquettes stuffed with duck confit, served over a sauce made with roasted figs. Next time I’ll order a dozen.

I really do crave this food constantly.