Omnivore - Does seeing alcohol make you more racist?

Study shows booze pics lead to increase in racial bias


Controversy and accusations of racism surrounding the death of Trayvon Martin have dominated national media in recent weeks, reigniting the issue of racial stereotyping in America. Interested in evaluating the psychological factors associated with stereotyping, researchers at the University of Missouri decided to take a closer look at the relationship between alcohol and racial bias. According to the Columbia Tribune, a recent study conducted at MU uncovers surprising results.

Never mind the link between consuming alcohol and racial bias (duh), Professor of Psychological Sciences Bruce D. Bartholow has found that just seeing alcohol-related images can increase expressions of racial bias.

“Simply seeing images of alcohol, but not drinking it, influences behaviors like racial bias on a subconscious level,” Bartholow said. “Walking by a bar or seeing an ad for beer could be enough to affect someone’s mindset. You don’t have to be aware of the effects for it to affect you.”

The study went a little something like this: