Omnivore - Web round-up: Peeps galore, a canned cheeseburger, and more

What we're reading about what you're eating


An ice cream shortage!? How can this be?

Check out the peep show a.k.a. the annual Washington Post Peeps Diorama Contest. WINNER: Occupeep DC.

Plus the NY Times takes a look inside the Peep factory.

Peanut butter jelly (vodka)
time. Baseball bat not included.

Eater Atlanta posts Atlanta stadium dining guides for Turner Field and Phillips Arena. You know, those weird, warped parallel universes where it's suddenly okay to spend $30 on two hot dogs and a beer.

Check out 'The Easter Bunny’s Guide to Candy Personalities what does your favorite candy say about you? — The Daily Meal

A cheeseburger and other strange things you never knew came in a can via Reddit and Gizmodo

And some cute Easter eggs via Yummly...for good measure.