Omnivore - Food news roundup: Craig Claiborne bio, Bethenny’s cocktail sales, bacon sundaes, and more

A roundup of food news.


Skinnygirl Cocktails (created by the illustrious Bethenny Frankel) took the lead in fastest growing alcohol sales per volume for 2011. Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey and Malibu Prepared Cocktails were close runners-up. Really, guys?

If the recent Bacon Fest left you wanting more, you may be in luck. Burger King has revealed a slew of new menu items that are going through a test run in Nashville—including a bacon sundae.

Keep an eye out for the new biography on celebrated Southern food critic Craig Claiborne. ===“The Man Who Changed the Way We Eat: Craig Claiborne and the American Food Renaissance,” by Thomas McNamee, will be in stores next month.=== But according to Frank Bruni, we shouldn’t expect a light-hearted success story—the biography examines the alcoholism and depression that plagued Claiborne throughout his career.

===The New York Times reports that food stamps have significantly reduced the poverty rate during the recession.=== A new study by the Agriculture Department analyzed data from 2009 and found that the program (which is one of the largest current antipoverty efforts) was responsible for an 8% decline in the poverty rate that year.

Should those ubiquitous golden arches be banned from hospital cafeterias? ===McDonald’s and other fast food chains can currently be found in over 27 healthcare centers throughout the U.S.===, but we can expect that number to wane in the coming years.