Omnivore - Sublime Doughnuts named America's Best Bakery

Atlanta's Sublime Doughnuts was named America's Best Bakery of 2012 by Bake Magazine.


The website for ===Sublime Doughnuts=== claims that doughnuts are "the street thug of the pastry world." While this may seem like a strange statement, anyone who has tried chef Kamal Grant's confections can attest to their badassery. His menu is populated with gourmet pastries like red velvet doughnuts and chocolate ganache beignets, and you will not find a plain, glazed doughnut anywhere in sight. Striving to make the best doughnuts in the world, Grant has plans to serve up someone's last meal on death row.

Now, Grant is receiving national acclaim for his work. Sublime has just been named as America's Best Bakery of 2012 by Bake Magazine, and will appear in the May issue. ===You can watch Grant's submission video here.=== Note his militant opposition to blandness - if you walk into that bakery wanting anything less than the unique, flavor-drenched menu offerings, you'll just have to walk out hungry. This guy is no-nonsense about his pastries.