Omnivore - Buying organic could make you a jerk

Study finds correlation between buying organic and jerkiness


  • Buying organic can make you a jerk

A study published in the journal of Social and Psychological and Personality Science reveals that organic foods can reduce moral judgment. In other words, buying organic can make you a jerk.

If you’re familiar with buying organic you may have noticed that the terminology on packages can be a bit, well, cocky. Brand names, like Honest Tea, got the study’s author, Kendall Eskine, thinking about the connection between exposure to organic foods and their morale.

The study gathered 60 participants and divided them into three groups. The first group took a look at a series of photos that depicted fruits and veggies that were clearly labeled as organic. The second group looked at comfort foods like cookies and brownies; and the last group looked at pictures of non-organic bland foods like oatmeal and rice.