Omnivore - Starbucks buys La Boulange Bakery

For the bargain price of $100 million


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  • Starbucks looks to improve food selection

Starbucks' food has become an increasingly large part of the company's revenue, generating $1.5 billion each year, but they have sought to improve their food options. The Seattle-based company, who has been facing competition from fast food chains serving specialty coffees, bought La Boulange Bakery for $100 million in order to keep up.

The bakery's goods will be replacing Starbuck's current lineup early next year. The products, starting with French pastries, will start appearing in the Bay Area stores first then will be available nationally.

Cliff Burrows, president of Starbucks Americas said,
"We'll take it one store at a time, starting in metropolitan areas around the U.S. where there's demand."

La Boulange is a casual sit-down setting with bakery goods, salads and sandwiches. Starbucks plans to have the bakery make a national presence in the years ahead.