Omnivore - A great debate over the Burger King bacon sundae

Burger King’s bacon sundae melts in the eyes of foodies.


What’s the best way to piss off a foodie? Easy, just make a so-last-year bacon sundae at a corporate fast food chain. Recently, Burger King released its new bacon sundae which has a few food bloggers up in arms about the timeliness of the release, and the absurd idea that a fast food restaurant would try to be, for lack of a better word, gourmet.

One post said, “Restaurants like these should stick to what they’re (moderately) good at - serving tasty (on occasion) cheap burgers and fries.”

Another blog post from Adam Martin calls the bacon sundae “passe”, “pandering”, and “a clumsy and manipulative stab at trend-chasing.”

In response to this article, NPR’s Linda Holmes points out a few errors of logic in the critique of the bacon sundae.