Omnivore - Indian sliders at Cardamom Hill

Dissapointing meal at Figo


Asha Gomez of Cardamom Hill is serving sliders this weekend. From my friend Andrew Sutter, a server there:

She is doing some "Indian South meets American South" fusion, on bread from H&F Bread Co. - ghee-buttered brioche buns, I am told. Roasted pork topping on one, goat on another? I think three total, each with its own special slaw....

Good lunch last week at Anis, include a starter of tuna and salmon with couscous. I continue to love this Buckhead restaurant, but I do think it's past time to make some changes in the menu....

My Friday night dining pals wanted to go to the Westside Figo last Friday. I have been disappointed with the restaurant during most visits, and that was the case this time, too. My starter — some oblongs of toast spread with goat cheese — was underwhelmingly bland, even with some caramelized onions and apricot bits.

A lamb meatball was atrocious — mealy and beyond gamy. And my entree — a special of rigatoni with zucchini, chopped tomatoes, and sausage — was blander than the toast. I ate about five bites and gave it to Frank, our Friday-night garbage disposal who eats everyone's leftovers.

"I'm really lucky not to have your refined taste," Frank said, as he dug into my bowl.

It's quite rare for me to do this, but when the server asked me how my food was, I told her it wasn't good. A few minutes later, the manager was table-side, apologizing and handing me a $10 gift card. That's truly rare.

In fairness, my five friends all liked their pasta, most of it from the regular menu. I remember the original Figo on Collier Road, a takeout joint with a few stools at a bar in front of the window. The mix-and-match pastas and sauces were a delicious novelty then. Prices have remained amazingly low, but I still think the quality could be improved.