Omnivore - New invention catapults popcorn into mouth

Look ma, no hands!

Tired of getting your fingers dirty while eating popcorn? Sick of doing the same lever-like motion over and over again to pop those kernels into your mouth? Well, the folks over at Popcorn Indiana have a solution to your serious problem.

Introducing the Popinator. No longer will you have to make the painful decision of choosing which hand will hold the remote and which one will dive into a bag of popcorn. "Equipped with voice activation and binaural microphone," the Popinator fires out popcorn in the direction of your mouth. Because not all popcorn are the same size and shape, the trajectory of the popcorn is not always perfect, so some maneuvering by the user may be required.

Next time you're throwing a party, be sure to have the Popinator on hand to get things popping!