Omnivore - Ramen for lunch at Miso Izakaya

$11 for a trip to paradise


This is paradise in a bowl. It's the tonkotsu ramen at Miso Izakaya. Owner-chef Guy Wong got a lot of attention for his earlier late-night ramen. Now, he's offering it at lunch.

There are only about 16 seats available 11:30 a.m.-2 p.m. The turnover is pretty rapid, but you should go early because the kitchen may run out of the delicious stuff before the official closing.

Tonkotsu includes a pork broth that takes 36 hours to make. It's dense with flavor and kind of creamy in texture. An egg half, succulent pieces of pork belly, corn, mushrooms, and noodles fill the bowl with pure comfort. Each ingredient adds a burst of unique flavor.

The restaurant does not accept reservations for lunch, so be warned. One other ramen, based on chicken broth, was available the day I visited. Cost is $11 a bowl and it's hard to imagine how Wong could be making money with such a labor-intensive dish.

That's all the more reason to go soon...and early.

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