Omnivore - Update: Sun in My Belly

Kirkwood restaurant is fun, if you can live with the service.


Everybody loves Sun in My Belly. The restaurant is in an old storefront in Kirkwood. I'm not sure why, but the kind of rustic interior often reminds me of "dinner on the grounds" under tents at churches in rural Georgia during my years of working there. It's homey. Everyone is friendly. The menu is comfort food.

But the service kinda sucks. At least it did when six of us visited last Friday night. I hate saying that because the staff was so nice. But oy veh. We waited and waited for a server to come to the table. Things even got bizarre when a ramekin of mac and cheese was set in front of one of us, Frank. This was before any apps had come to the table.

I asked the server why he'd brought it and he said he wasn't sure. The kitchen had told him to deliver it.

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