Omnivore - Q&A: Steak Shapiro of 'Atlanta Eats'

After nearly two decades in sports talk radio, host Steak Shapiro tackles Atlanta restaurants on TV


  • Joeff Davis
  • EAT AND TELL: Steak Shapiro interviews diners at 4th & Swift

It's an unusual Friday night at 4th & Swift. "Atlanta Eats" host Steak Shapiro sits at a table in the low-lit bar, his face illuminated by the bluish glow of an iPad. He eagerly orders his usual, a vodka gimlet up with a twist, but scarcely notices when the martini glass is set before him. Instead, he taps intently at the small screen, knees bobbing with anticipation. A producer approaches the table and in one, familiar motion, Shapiro downs his drink, wipes his chin and makes his way to the kitchen where cameramen, sound techs, and a small army of assorted crew have already assembled.

He joins chef Jay Swift at a cooking station as the show's executive producer gestures toward a plate of Three Little Piggies - a signature dish of pork served three ways. "I need you to slice it, lean in, and get a bite. Then talk about what it tastes like. Ready to roll? Don't forget to look at the camera. OK, go... "

After nearly two decades in Atlanta sports talk radio - he's currently a host on 790 The Zone's Mayhem in A.M." - Shapiro has spent most of the last five months this way: visiting local restaurants and filming segments for his new Atlanta dining show, "Atlanta Eats." CL recently caught up with Shapiro on set to get a feel for the show, and more importantly, the man in front of the camera.

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