Omnivore - Faces #4: Shana Chaiyasin at Spoon

Humor, hospitality and a rack of lamb


This is Shana Chaiyasin, host of Spoon in East Atlanta. There are few in Atlanta who are as pleasant and welcoming as Shana. And, obviously, she has a good a sense of humor.

The Eastside restaurant was spawned by Spoon in West Atlanta. That restaurant closed in December after eight years of operation - a surprise to many, because it was so popular. Shana explained that the owners decided to close it in order to create more family time.

When I’m craving Thai food, Spoon is my usual destination. It’s convenient to our house in Grant Park, of course. But the sauces are among the best in the city, it’s inexpensive for the quality, and it’s across from Morelli’s Ice Cream.


My Friday night dining friends had an errand in East Atlanta Village last week, so we visited Spoon. The restaurant often offers specials. They can be expensive, like the $29 rack of lamb (left) offered last week. But it was totally adequate for two, as the server suggested.

I ordered my usual hot green curry with chicken, while recommending the rich and mild masaman curry to the pathologically spice-phobic at the table.

We pigged out at Morelli’s afterward.