Omnivore - Beer community gets behind HB 314

aka Representatives Tom Taylor and Ron Stephens’ “Fill the Growler Bill”

Earlier this week, CL’s resident beer dude Austin L. Ray penned a piece explaining House Bill 314, a bill that proposes limited retail sales for breweries and brewpubs in Georgia. It appears the local beer community is mobilizing support of the new legislation. This just hit my inbox:

Dear Beer Lovers,

What’s a growler you say? A growler is a 64 oz. jug that is the industry standard for brewpubs and breweries to sell “to go”

Recently, the Georgia Craft Brewers Guild, with the support of Representatives Tom Taylor and Ron Stephens, introduced the “Fill the Growler Bill”-HB 314. HB 314 is all about expansion of the market, job creation, giving the consumers what they want, increased awareness of Craft Beer, and the growth of the Craft Brewing industry in the State of Georgia. What the bill will do is allow Breweries and Brewpubs to sell up to 288 oz. (that’s equivalent to one case) of beer per person per day for off premise consumption. What’s that mean for you? It means you can go to your favorite pub, have a great meal, and take home some great beer to enjoy back at home.

So the time is now! We need your support! We know you want it because we hear it every day, but now you need to tell the people that can make the change- your House and Senate Representatives. Call them, email them, fax them, heck send the Pony Express! Below are links to help you find out who represents you and how to contact them. Don’t delay! You can drop a quick email saying you support the bill. Exercise your citizenship! Also check out the Georgia Craft Brewers Guild web site.

The message goes on to include some useful links to find your representative, read the bill and contact your representative, and where to join the Georgia Craft Brewers Guild.

In case you missed it, check out CL’s Feb. 7 cover story by Austin L. Ray, Georgia’s Brewed Awakening: Atlanta leads a statewide craft-brewery boom.