Omnivore - Back to Baraonda

Still a good bet after 13 years in business


The guys and I visited Baraonda Friday night. This restaurant opened in 2000, giving many Atlantans their first taste of Naples-style pizza. My last visit was about two years ago, also with a group, and I found it unchanged.

In fact, I ordered my same dish as last time, a red pizza with prosciutto and fresh arugula (right). I love the pizza, but I gotta say the crust isn't quite up to others in town these days. (There's also a panino with the same ingredients available at lunch.)

Also like last time, these friends all ordered pasta dishes. Only one starter hit the table, fried calamari, a dish that I got tired of eating years ago, but is irresistible to Bobby, one of our diners.

Service at the restaurant is just about A-plus. Our servers had a sense of humor, even when I conned one of them into giving us a plate bound for another table. OK, I rejected it when I saw it was calamari.