Omnivore - Monkeys hate you, horses detest you, cops eat you

Eating in the news


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Ever had the experience of not wanting anything to do with someone at your table who, say, momentarily goes off on the server? Maybe everyone at the table is sharing bites of their dessert after the tantrum-ette, but you can't bring yourself to taste the bad guy's plate.

Well, it turns out that were you a monkey, you'd likely feel the same way. Blogger Jalees Rehman reports on a study that concludes that monkeys - and, by probable extension, other animals - make social evaluations about humans based on how they see us treating other members of our species.

So, be nice to others in front of animals, if you want them to eat out of your hand....

In further news of animals, eating, and niceness, we have this from an article about eating horse meat. Nicole King, the interviewee, is a horse rancher in Oregon:

King said not all horses are sweet, social and majestic. Unruly and dangerous horses that are usually put down - and the meat goes to waste. With many people going hungry in Oregon, she wonders why that horse meat can't be put to good use as a food source.

"I think people love horses so much they don't want to consume what we're so connected to, and I understand that," King said, "but I also see and understand the need that if people are hungry, they must eat."

Well, there are worse things than taking a bite out of Sparkle Pony (like the kids in an old commercial). You might stalk, abduct and cook a hot chick, for example.

Reuters reports that New York's infamous "cannibal cop" concluded his defense Tuesday. The 28-year-old guy was arrested last year after his wife learned that he regularly logged onto a fetish site to chat about torturing and cannibalizing women. He brunched with one of the women he hoped to eat, according to prosecutors, who charged him with conspiracy to kidnap his dinner.

Closing arguments are scheduled Thursday. The cop may go to jail for life.