Omnivore - Ammazza Pizza now available for delivery at Church

Church and Ammazza team up for exclusive delivery service


  • Grant Henry
  • Sister Louisa's Church Bar's Ammazza Edgewood Delivery Menu

Ammazza Edgewood now delivers to Sister Louisa's Church of the Living Room and Ping Pong Emporium, seven nights a week from a sacred menu of three pizza selections. Church owner Grant Henry and Ammazza owner Hugh Connerty have teamed up to create the mutually beneficial venture - Ammazza will charge $16 per pie delivered to Chuch, and Church will offer food options for hungry customers.

The two came up with the idea when Henry saw customers leaving to grab food at local places on Edgewood Avenue such as Edgewood Corner Tavern, Edgewood Pizza, or Noni's, and then return to Church. "This is a way that people can be at Church early, and if they get hungry they will have just a great choice here," Henry says. "Everyone loves Ammazza pizza."

The system will work like any take-out situation, except that you're ordering delivery to a bar. Oh, and it'll arrive on Henry's perfectly eccentric art scooter, equipped with racks sized to hold Ammazza pizza boxes.

The three pizza selections are quirky designations of Ammazza's three popular pies: the Inferno, Carne, and Margherita. At Church, you'll choose instead from "Hell is Hot," "Carne of Christ" and "The Virgin Mary-Ita."

"The crazy thing about Hugh," Henry explains, "is that his delivery boxes are made out of corn meal. So what happens is when you put a pizza in there, for 30 minutes, it doesn't change - it's like it just came out of the oven." To nowhere else in the city will Ammazza deliver. So come get 'em while they're hot.

The process is simple: