Omnivore - Q&A with local farmer Bobby Britt

Talking ‘slow food’ and ‘slow tech’ with the Decatur native


You and I might say “tomatoes.” As in, the last syllable sounds like the toes on your feet. Farmer Bobby Britt says “tuh-mayt-as,” as in, born and raised in the not-too-distant country nook of southeast Decatur. Since 2006, Britt has cultivated quite the professional garden on Besmaid Garden’s 1.645 acres, supplying some of the city’s best restaurants with a range of organic, fresh-picked produce throughout the year.

Even if you’ve never seen Britt’s Moses-like towering frame at the farmers markets, or caught a glimpse while he makes his own restaurant deliveries, his green thumbprint can be found all over. His crops have graced the plates at Cakes & Ale, 246, 4th & Swift, Woodfire Grill, Haven, Valenza, Empire State South, Serpas, One Eared Stag, Holeman & Finch, Fig Jam, and our dearly departed Pura Vida. The man certainly has a way about him. But Britt isn’t all that concerned with flash. He’s got his knees in the dirt and his eyes on the future, hoping that the farm he inherited from his dad will sustain itself for the next generation.

Where did you get your green thumb?

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