Omnivore - Paul Calvert on the opening of Paper Plane in Decatur (and a whole lot more)

This enigmatic bar within a bar is scheduled to open this Friday


  • Courtesy Paper Plane

Paper Plane, a unique collaboration between local barkeep Paul Calvert and Victory Sandwich Bar owners Caleb Wheelus and Ian Jones, is scheduled to open in an adjoining space within the new Victory Decatur (340 Church St.) later this week. We caught up with Victory’s “Bar Boss” and Paper Plane co-owner Paul Calvert to discuss this enigmatic bar-within-a-bar situation, Paper Plane’s concept, and Calvert’s bitter contempt for the now-cancelled television show “Pan Am.” Well, sort of.

So you’ve basically been between gigs for the last several months. What was it like to be a bartender with no bar?

Um, it sucked to be a bartender with no bar. Although it allowed me to do a lot of other cool things and strengthen myself as a manager and as an owner.

How so?

Specific examples? Working with the staff at Victory - doing some late-in-the-game product training for them. I hope it helped inspire some of the staff at Victory to get more excited about their jobs.

And how’s that working out?