Omnivore - You are what you eat

Culinary medicine and nutrition education are beginning to transform health care in Atlanta and beyond


"How many of you have a chef's knife in your house?"

Dr. Preston Maring posed this question during his talk at Georgia Organics' recent Farm Rx conference while holding a gleaming kitchen knife over his head. Less than half in attendance raised their hands. "Now how many of you have actually sharpened it in the last year?" Almost all of the hands went down.

Maring is an OB-GYN at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Oakland, Calif., where he's worked for 41 years. Over the last decade, he's become an increasingly visible advocate for food as preventive medicine. Maring has spearheaded the establishment of farmers markets at more than 50 Kaiser Permanente health facilities nationwide.

"Ideally, everybody would have a sharp chef's knife and a salad spinner. They would get their kids involved in the kitchen, and we'd eat more of a whole food, plant-based diet. If we did that, we would save the future of American health," he says.

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