Omnivore - PushStart Kitchen crew to open Lost & Found

Catching up with PushStart’s chef Zach Meloy


  • Courtesy PushStart Kitchen
  • Husband and wife duo Zach and Cristina Meloy take their supper club, PushStart Kitchen, to the next level

??UPDATE: Since the publication of this article, the name of the forthcoming restaurant was changed to ‘Better Half’ due to trademark issues.?
PushStart Kitchen proprietors Cristina and Zach Meloy are joining the brick-and-mortar movement, turning their community-supported supper club, PushStart Kitchen, into a bona fide restaurant this summer. Driven to satiate the enthusiastic Atlantans who have attended their dinners for nearly two years - first within a converted art studio at The Goat Farm Arts Center and, later, along a communal table in their own loft - this husband-and-wife duo has turned to its loyal fans for the funding boost to get their eatery off the ground. Backers for the current Kickstart campaign, which continues until May 22, can choose to pledge amounts from $1 to $10,000, and earn rewards ranging from Costa Rican milk truffles to private cooking lessons. We had a chat with Zach to discover what diners can expect from their new venture, Lost & Found.

For nearly two years, you’ve held private supper club dinners - first for a lucky 10 patrons, once a week, and more recently for 18, three or four times per week. What do you think has made PushStart so successful?