Omnivore - We'll always have Paris (the app)

Eating well in Paris, thanks to my iPhone and Patricia Wells


  • Brad Kaplan
  • A not-too-touristy café with good onion soup? Check.

For some strange reason, amongst people I know, this is the summer of Paris. We just got back. We ran into two sets of friends while we were there. We actually had two other sets of friends in Paris that same week that we didn't get to see. And another few on their way later this month. Why now? Why Paris?

When you're in Paris, the answer seems painfully obvious - because it's Paris. It's always a good time to be there. No other place in the world has that same swanky and sensuous swirl of art and architecture, romance and frivolity, and, dare I say most importantly, food. Ahhh, the food. And it's not just the presence of the food, but the way in which the people of Paris partake of it. It's the daily trip to the boulangerie, the fromagerie, the boucherie down the block. It's the stroll through the crowds at the weekly open air markets. It's the pique-nique along the Seine laughing at the tourists packed into the passing bateaux mouches river tours. (I'll admit, I partook of both pique-niques and boat tours on this trip)

So, if you are fortunate enough to be making your way to Paris (and have an iPhone), I have one piece of advice: download Patricia Wells' Food Lover's Guide to Paris app tout de suite (that means "right away").