Omnivore - Decatur's Three Taverns Craft Brewery launches Friday

Atlanta's newest Belgian-style brewery opens Friday in Decatur.


Atlanta's newest production brewery, Three Taverns Craft Brewery, will be debut its beer at Brick Store Pub - and other locations in Decatur - this Friday.

CL recently caught up with Belgian-born brewer Joran Van Ginderachter, who will join brewery president and CEO, Brian Purcell, as Three Taverns' head brewer. According to the brewery, Three Taverns will be the only traditional Belgian-style beer brewery in the Southeast, and Van Ginderachter will be one of only three classically trained Belgian brewers in the United States.

Their motto? Transcendo Mediocris- "to unlock and inspire the pursuit of a fuller and more transcendent experience of life, inviting our friends and neighbors to join us at the table of discovery and raise a glass in gratitude and merry celebration."