Omnivore - Web roundup: Sriracha shutdown, pecan shortages, selling past-due fruit, and more

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In case you missed it, the Sriracha plant in Irwindale, Calif., was ordered to partially close last week. While the plant can technically continue its normal operations, it must refrain from producing more of the airborne chili mace that was disturbing Irwindale's residents.

Pizza Hut General Manager, Tony Rohr, was fired for not making his employees work over Thanksgiving. Rohr was later offered his job back, but has yet to decide whether or not to take it.

Former Trader Joe's president, Doug Rauch, is launching a new project that will sell fruits and vegetables that are past their shelf date but still safe to eat. Dubbed the Daily Table, the project is geared toward helping feed lower income citizens

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This year, pecan production (302 million pounds in 2012) could drop by as much as 35 percent, officials say. According to the New York Times, record rainfall, feral pigs, and China are to blame.

McDonald's recently launched a website called McResource to advise its employees on how to live. Critics have since slammed the website for its offensive advice.

Physics met beer to find out why hitting a bottle of beer makes a foam explosion. Now you can scientifically explain why your buddy is a massive jerk.

Scientists are working to discover whether or not microbes change the taste of wine. While some people search for answers and discovery, some people prefer the reasons behind the taste of wine to remain a mystery.