Omnivore - Turner Field is on PETA's list of veg-friendly ballparks

The Ted slides in at no. 10


Every year, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (aka PETA), compiles a top 10 list of the most vegetarian-friendly major league and minor league stadiums across the nation. This year, Turner Field slid in to take the number 10 spot.

Apparently, meat-free fans are flush with options at the Ted, including veggie burgers and dogs, fresh fruit, and baked beans at concession stands. Also, there are roasted asparagus, a Mediterranean olive platter, and hummus in catering to look forward to, and lo mein noodles, veggie fajitas, pasta with olive oil, and grilled veggies in the club areas. Who knew?

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Top winners will have the most complex, diverse, and delicious dishes offered in their stadiums. For instance, San Francisco's list-topping AT&T Park, which usually wins or takes a spot near the top, maintains its dignity through its portobello burger and Field Roast frankfurter. What put it at the top this year is its expanded vegetarian menu, now offering made-to-order veggie burritos and tacos, as well as hummus and rice, bean, and vegetable bowls with pineapple salsa.

Others ranking within the top five include Citizens Bank Park (Philadelphia Phillies) in second place with faux-chicken patties, black-bean burgers, and broccoli rabe; Citi Field (New York Mets) in fourth, and Nationals Park (Washington Nationals) in fifth. PETA also has a minor league listing, for baseball fanatics. Werner Park of the Omaha (Nebraska) Storm Chasers won the minor league competition for its black bean burgers, Philly cheese phake, portobello sliders, chicken-free strips, and tofu dogs. Yum.